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Cancellation and return conditions

Attention! The presented cancellation and refund conditions apply only to orders covering one participant’s package paid by a given payer. In the case of larger orders, cancellation conditions are determined individually and depend on the size of the order.

  1. The terms and conditions in this paragraph apply to both the cancellation of all ordered services and the change of package from a more expensive package (eg. with accommodation) to cheaper or to cancel any of the ordered additional services.
  2. Conditions of fee reimbursement in case of collective booking, grant under a separate booking or invitation of the company making the reservation, are identical as in case of resignation from the participation in the conference. Therefore, we kindly ask abovementioned participants, who simultaneously paid the fee individually, and will apply for the fee reimbursement, to inform us of such fact as soon as possible.
  3. The condition of reimbursement is to send the written (it may be done via email) resignation of participation or the request for reimbursement of fee paid individually to the Organizing Office. The date of receipt of the resignation or application is decisive:
Date of receipt of the resignation/request Amount refunded
till 29.02.2024 r. 100% of the value of the services to be reimbursed minus the handling charge of 70 PLN gross
till 31.03.2024 r. 50% of the value of the services to be reimbursed
after 31.03.2024 r. The fee is non-refundable
  1. The fee refund is done directly to the bank account from which the fee was transferred. In case of VAT invoices, within 30 days after receiving by the Organizing Office the signed copy of correcting invoice. In case of companies the refund will be transferred to the account registered in the Tax Office.
  2. In case of paying the registration fee, but not arriving at the conference, no fee refunds will be done and the conference materials will not be provided in any form by the Organizer or the Organizing Office. Absent participant does not have the right to receive the certificate of attendance in the conference.